Every brand has a desire to be unique, whether through experience, innovation, or a specific service. In fact, last year organizations spent over $500 billion across the globe marketing their unique offerings.

Undoubtedly, all industries will encounter a shift that influences demand, positioning, or pricing. Occasionally a shift is so disruptive that a rebranding is necessary. Taking the leap to rebrand should be driven by feedback and competitive analysis. Let’s discuss a few motivating factors why you should consider a transformation.


Buyer Behavior

Has the behavior of your target customer changed?  Have you acquired new technology in an industry that is slow to adapt change? Take a look at the retail industry. Shoppers are influenced by payment options. A significant upgrade in security options would qualify as a reason to rebrand. For example, PayPal saw the need to overhaul the user experience by improving colors, logos, icons, and templates to promote new peer-to-peer payment services.

Are You Ready to Rebrand 1


Future Markets

Is your industry seeing growth within a particular demographic? Is your brand losing relevancy? Both instances became evident to the social media giant Instagram. According to the research firm Piper Jaffray, the consistent growth of Snapchat is generating a decline in Instagram usage amongst teens. Recently, Instagram updated their logo and interface to combat Snapchat’s growing influence with teens. It is no accident that the new logo displays neon colors. According to an article in the Small Business Chronicle, “adolescents often prefer other products in neon colors, such as school supplies or cell phone covers.”

Are You Ready to Rebrand 2


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