As we reach the three-quarter mark of the 2016 Mentor Program, the AMADC Board of Directors reflects on its revamped professional development program for marketers. When the Mentor Program kicked off in October 2016 at the General Assembly DC campus, it promised a restructured agenda that was guided by participant feedback and mentoring best practices.

After careful consideration, in 2016 AMADC decided to extend the program to nine months to ensure ample time to satisfy the program’s three core pillars: professional development, networking and mentoring.

“I believe in the power of the Mentor Program because it’s not simply a one-to-one relationship, but more so a mentoring community. We encourage and support mentor-mentor and protégé-protégé connections,” says Angela Long, VP of the Mentor Program. “I think that’s what sets this program apart.”

Midpoint Surveys Indicate Program is On Track with Goals

The 20 pairs of mentors and protégés have enthusiastically welcomed this deeper level of engagement. As of the halfway point, 82 percent of participants have rated the program “excellent” or “very good.”

The survey continues to demonstrate that all protégés have stated that the program “meets or exceeds” their expectations for professional development and networking opportunities.

One protégé explains, “I like the program in the way that it supports my professional growth. This includes the opportunity for professional development and networking…I like the flexibility of the program and how my mentor takes time to meet with me. I see this as a community where we share and support each other.” 

AMADC’s primary goal with the 2016 Mentor Program was to amplify mentor- protégé relationships by establishing a community support system at program exclusive networking events. Nearly 90 percent of participants have said that the program proves to be a valuable use of their time because it offers professional development opportunities through a mixture of structured events and individual mentor-protégé meet-ups.

A current mentor goes on to say, “The program leaders have created a very dynamic series of workshops and speakers. They are also monitoring the program in real-time and making course corrections as needed.”

What the Mentor Program Has in Store for its Remaining Agenda

The 2016 Mentor Program may be at the three-quarter mark but there are still plenty of activities remaining for participants before the June 12, 2017 graduation ceremony.

On March 28, the Mentor Program will host an interactive workshop that focuses on building networking skills. This will be open to current program participants only, but the June 12 event is open to current program participants, past mentors and protégés, as well as anyone interested learning more about the program.

“At the heart of the program are the relationships between mentors and protégés but the new interactive community component, what we call the “marketers gateway,” is what sets it apart and creates a successful program,” Angela says.

To learn more about the Mentor Program and its call for applications opening for the 2017 program in July, visit the AMADC website.

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