As a member of AMADC, you can help steer the direction of the chapter and vote for next year’s Board of Directors, whose one-year term will begin on July 1, 2021. Help make a difference in your local marketing community and VOTE! 


STEP 1: The following short presentation shows the Proposed Slate of Officers. Take a few minutes to scroll through it and get to know the candidates before placing your vote. **Note that we’re sharing the whole Board of Directors in the org chart, but only the Executive Team requires a vote. The Executive Team gets to deal with fun stuff like chapter operations and the budget. They deserve a vote (and a drink).

P.S., see that Executive Team opening? We’re looking for a great marketer to join us for the Chief Sponsorship Officer role. For more info, contact Laura Genovese at


AMADC 2021-22 Slate


STEP 2: After you have reviewed all candidate’s bios and roles, please complete and submit your 2021-22 Board of Directors Election Ballot


STEP 3: Keep attending AMADC events and get involved with the chapter!