About the Mentoring Program

The Mentor Program is part of the AMADC’s mission to provide career resources and programs to marketing professionals throughout the region. The program is also intended to as a gateway to connecting maketers across industries which is also an integral part of AMADC’s mission of “Marketers Helping Marketers.”

For more information about the program, contact Angela Long, VP Mentor Program at angela.long@amadc.org

How it works

The program kicks off in October when mentors and protégés receive training, followed by a social event where all participants have the opportunity to meet each other and network. After that, mentors and protégés arrange to meet every month on their own; 2-3 program events are held to keep participants on track and motivated. Mid-point check-ins are scheduled in January. The program concludes with the AMADC end-of-year celebration event in June 2017. Mentor and protégé relationships are supported throughout the year by ongoing email communications and a dedicated LinkedIn group.

The time commitment is eight face-to-face meetings or phone calls during the program. This works out to be roughly one to two hours per month; face-to-face meetings can coincide with an AMADC networker event or a mutually agreed to in-person meeting or phone time. Email, texts or phone calls in between meetings occur as needed.  While face-to-face meetings are encouraged, participants are free to determine the best working arrangement for the relationship. The AMADC Mentor Program LinkedIn group acts as the online platform for the program and can be used to seek advice and stay in touch with other program participants.

Mentoring is an art and can be a daunting responsibility—But it doesn’t have to be! To help ensure each of our mentors feels adequately prepared, we’ve enlisted the services of Linda Keller, an organizational change consultant specializing in creative team-building, group dynamics and custom training design. As the mentor advisor, Linda will run the training at the beginning of the program and provide support along the way. Read more about Linda and the training here

Why Participate in the AMADC Mentor Program?

Mentor Benefits

Mentoring is a valuable tool for developing our up-and-coming marketers and helping our seasoned marketers to network and share what they’ve learned in their careers. A successful mentoring relationship depends on the partners sharing common goals and expectations, having a commitment to the program, and giving and receiving trust and respect.

As a mentor, you’ll be able to share your experiences and challenges in confidence, uncovering lessons learned, and in doing so, you’ll strengthen your leadership skills and sense of accomplishment. Plus, in sharing your expertise, you’re guiding a fellow marketer’s career path while also reflecting on and reenergizing your own personal career goals.

While there are many benefits to participating in the program, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites from past participants: 

•    Network with other AMADC members / mentors in the local marketing and communications community

•    Strengthen skills as a guide in helping someone navigate the waters of marketing

•    Gain personal satisfaction from helping someone grow professionally

Protégé Benefits 

Mentoring is a special partnership between two people based on commitment to the mentoring process, mutual trust and respect. Both the mentor and the protégé give and grow in the mentoring process. As a protégé, you’ll gain valuable knowledge from your mentor’s expertise and past experiences, increase your competencies in specific areas, and establish valuable connections with senior marketers and other protégés.

Here are just a few other benefits to consider:

   •     Having someone listen to your triumphs and frustrations as a marketer

   •     Get a sharper focus on what’s needed to grow professionally

   •     Receive knowledge about the “ins and outs” of marketing

As you reflect on being mentored, think about who you would like as a mentor and what you would like to receive from them. This is, after all, going to be a partnership.

As a protégé, you will be responsible for setting the goals for the partnership and to initiate meetings and calls. You’ll also be required to track when you meet to ensure that sufficient time is being dedicated to the program. But, you’re not alone. AMADC’s mentor program committee will be checking in to make sure you’re staying on track and getting what you need.

How are matches made?

Mentoring is both a “Get and Give” experience with the goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience for both partners. The applications request information about you so that you can be properly matched in a mentoring relationship.

Matches will be made and communicated in advance of the program. Both the mentor and protégé will have the opportunity to change the pairing should there be any issues.

Am I Eligible?

Mentors should have:

  • Five years or more professional experience in marketing. (Note: If you have less than five years of experience, you can still apply for consideration if you have a specific area of expertise to share.) 
  • The ability to provide insights into marketing to help guide the protégé. 
  • The availability and interest required to maintain a relationship with a protégé for the duration of the program. 

Protégé should be:

  • New marketing professionals (three-five years of experience) and currently working
  • Professionals who are transitioning from another career to marketing and currently working
  • New or current AMADC members. 
  • Able and have the time to support a relationship with a mentor for the duration of the program.

How to apply

We are currently not accepting applications. Applications for the 2017-2018 year will open in June 2017.

Have questions? Contact Angela Long, VP Mentor Program, at angela.long@amadc.org.