New Year. New Board.

Dear AMADC Marketing Community,

I hope this message finds you all in high spirits and with enthusiasm for the future of our DC chapter. Today, I have the honor of assuming the role of President and am eager to work alongside each one of you as we embark on an exciting journey together.

First and foremost, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to the 23/24 BOD team for their unwavering dedication and the incredible work they have done to shape our chapter thus far. We are gifted with a wealth of talent within our community, and I am committed to building upon this strong foundation as we strive for even greater heights.

As an Engineer and Marketer, I bring a unique perspective to our community, one that merges the worlds of strategic planning and flawless execution. It is at the intersection of these two disciplines that our true potential lies and it is here that we will forge our path forward.

To kickstart this exciting new chapter, our BOD will be convening next week to discuss our collective vision and chart a course toward success. I am confident that this meeting will yield a solid plan to enhance our digital and social footprint, ensuring that our chapter remains at the forefront of marketing innovation. We will seize the opportunity to create engaging events that captivate not only our younger members but also our esteemed longtime colleagues. In our pursuit of excellence, we will be intentional in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, weaving these values into the fabric of our events and initiatives.

Moreover, fostering open lines of communication is paramount to our collective growth. Together, we will establish a culture where every member feels valued, heard, and supported. To that end, I encourage each of you to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, for it is through collaboration and the free flow of knowledge that we will push boundaries and realize our full potential.

I am particularly thrilled to highlight two cornerstone programs that will continue to thrive under our leadership: the Marketing Mentors Network and the Executive Leadership Council. These initiatives are the backbone of our community, offering invaluable guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for professional growth. As we move forward, we will fortify and expand these programs, ensuring they remain catalysts for individual and collective success.

Above all, let us remember that we are one team, bound by a shared passion for marketing excellence. By supporting and uplifting one another, we will create an environment where growth is inevitable.

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your commitment and dedication. It is your collective energy, expertise, and unwavering spirit that will propel us forward. Here’s to an incredible journey ahead!

Warm regards,

Giuseppe Laviano
President, AMADC