As fellow marketers, I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent shift from HBO Max to the simpler moniker, “Max”. This significant rebranding decision has sparked numerous conversations in our field, with many citing it as a potential rebranding faux pas.

HBO has spent decades building a robust brand identity synonymous with high-quality content. However, the decision to abbreviate to “Max” may dilute this brand equity and could potentially lead to confusion among consumers and the overall customer experience.

Another thing to point out is the poor impact on customers as the “improved” app is not delivering the same experience as the original HBO Max app, as discussed in this article by Inc.,

In our own branding efforts, we’ve understood the importance of maintaining consistency and clarity in our brand image. This recent move by HBO Max raises intriguing questions about balancing the desire for fresh branding with the risk of losing established brand recognition.

What are your thoughts on the rebrand? What lessons can we learn and apply to our own future branding campaigns?