Face it—when you think of glamorous buzzwords, email marketing probably isn’t high on your list. Maybe you’d call email marketing old-fashioned, but when you consider 91% of consumers check their emails every single day, it’s easy to see the pure potential email campaigns have for your business.

Which brings us to today’s topic: how to write phenomenal, click-worthy email newsletters. In theory, newsletters are a fantastic and cost-effective channel for building relationships and creating awareness about your business among your audiences. And if done right, newsletters can be your hardest-working marketing tool out there.

Let’s get started!


The Perfect Subject Line

Did you know that 33% of people open their emails based on the subject line? With numbers like that, crafting an appealing subject line is clearly important. Here are 3 fool-proof practices for subject lines that are sure to get clicked.

1.  Add Power Words

First and foremost, a newsletter is a tool for passing information. But that information doesn’t have to be yawn-inducing—you want your readers to feel a particular emotion about what you’re telling them. Need some inspiration? This list of 317 power words is guaranteed to get you started.

2.  Use Numbers

Compare these two phrases: “a hundred and one reasons to create a newsletter” and “101 reasons to create a newsletter.” Did you notice how your eyes drifted to the number “101,” instead of “a hundred and one?” Numbers are eye-catchers. The number’s compactness makes it a powerful method of catching your reader’s attention and representing information in a very visual way.

3.  Clarity Over Cleverness

It’s easy to confuse a clever subject line with a good one. In only so many words, your subject line must explain what your newsletter is about and what it offers to the reader. Can you manage both? Great! But until then, focus your efforts on making the subject as clear and concise as possible.

Writing From the Heart

Want to know the easiest way to write great newsletters? Just write —no more or less—just write. The key to great, readable newsletters is making the reader feel like they’re engaged in a normal, in-person conversation. There’s no better way to disengage readers than with a boring, monotone voice.

Take a leaf out of my book; when I write, I start by typing down everything that comes to mind so I can construct a general message. The point of this exercise is to make my writing personable and let my distinct voice come through. After all the main points are made, then go back and edit. Try it—your writing will benefit.

Give Readers a Reason to Click

Benefits entice. They’re why we listen to commercials instead of muting the television, or click on advertisements on our Facebook feeds. The same applies for click-worthy newsletters. A lot of the time, though, people use newsletters as a way to self-promote themselves, without any promise of reward for the reader.

Think about a time you’ve sat through someone talking about how great they are. How did you feel? Like you couldn’t wait for it to end? Unfortunately, with newsletters, your audience doesn’t have to sit through your self-promotion—they can leave whenever they want.

This isn’t to say you should never talk about the cool things going on in your business. But a good newsletter will make a reader feel like they have something to gain from reading. Instead of selling your product or service, focus on selling the benefit it offers.

No Visuals Make for a Dull Newsletter

Everyone loves visuals. They’re engaging, colorful, bright, and attract our attention from the get-go. They are also an excellent way of setting the pace for your newsletter. Sometimes, when you’re reading something really text-heavy, your eyes just need a breather. Whether you pick pictures or illustrations, carefully chosen imagery that sends a clear message is a good way to break up text, and a great way to tell a story.