AMADC, in Partnership with Washington Business Journal, Announces 80th Anniversary Top Marketer and Special Recognition Award Winners

November 5, 2012 – Washington, DC – The DC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMADC), in partnership with the Washington Business Journal, is pleased to announce the winners of AMADC’s Top Marketer and Special Recognition Awards, both recently celebrated at a festive gala held at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C.

According to Doug Reed, 2012-13 AMADC president, “We’re thrilled to laud our chapter’s 80th anniversary with a wonderful gala and awards program. It was the perfect celebration of this important milestone and of the stellar accomplishments by marketing professionals throughout the Washington, DC area.”

Top Marketer Awards were given to:

  • American University for the Wonk Brand Campaign
  • Deloitte for the Helping Government Help America Campaign
  • Jason Seiken, PBS, for the PBS Digital Studios Remix
  • David Gorodetski, Sage Communications, for the 2012 DC Jazz Festival & National Cherry Blossom Festival Centennial Celebration
  • Carousel30 for 7 Billion & Me and the Don’t Move Firewood Campaign
  • Nexus Direct for the Nexus Direct Web Site
  • Roseanna Stanton, Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies, for the Student Life-Cycle Initiative
  • Triple Canopy for the Building Values by Building Brand Campaign
  • Brook Jensen, EYP Architecture & Engineering, for Science on Display
  • Peter LaMotte, GeniusRocket, for Audio-Technica & Emily’s List
  • Forge Branding and TFK for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: It All Starts Here
  • Keith Jodoin, Sapling Pictures, for Face the Facts USA: 100 Days, 100 Facts, “Cyber Security”

Special Recognition Awards were given to:

  • Ripe, a visual branding think tank that collaborates with clients to create stunning and relevant designs and campaigns. A fixture in the DC design community since the early 90s, as the agency of record for AMADC, ripe was responsible for crafting a unique and striking brand identity to celebrate the organization’s 80th anniversary.
  • Potomac Management Resources (PMR), ably representing AMADC, is an association management firm that supports nonprofit organizations ranging from less than 100 members to more than 10,000. PMR provides the entire array of nonprofit expertise, including event planning, web design, member support and more, to help ensure that nonprofit leaders are able to bring their vision to life.
  • Michael Grove, Volunteer of the Year – for more than 20 years, Grove has worked directly with 250+ small and medium-sized businesses throughout the US. He is eminently qualified for his role as principal at Grove USA. His work history includes three-time business founder, faculty member at a top-ten business school and senior strategy consultant at prominent international firms. Companies that have chosen to work with Michael have saved millions of dollars.
  • Wendy Roan, Volunteer of the Year – Roan strengthens loyalty and enlivens customer experience by helping organizations keep their brand promise. Her practice specialties are research, organizational alignment, and training. Currently, Wendy is engaged by the American Nurses Association to redefine its national and state membership value proposition and retention plan for the nation’s 3.1 million nurses. She serves on the board of directors of DC Youth Orchestra Program as well as AMADC’s VP of Membership.

About AMADC:

AMA is a professional association for individuals and organizations involved in the practice, teaching and study of marketing worldwide. AMADC is the fourth largest chapter of the international American Marketing Association (AMA) – itself the largest marketing association in North America with over 38,000 members worldwide. AMADC is the leading network of marketing professionals driving innovation, professional development and career advancement throughout the region. Members and the broader community of AMADC represent a broad range of industries varying from corporate, media, government, association and non-profit sectors. In 2012, AMADC celebrates its 80th year of providing marketing leadership in the Washington, DC area.


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