Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Molly

Molly Lindblom, Marketing & Product Strategy Consultant, Business Transformations, LLC

Molly Lindblom, Marketing and Product Strategy Consultant for Business Transformations, LLC, enjoys finding creative solutions for companies, but looks to extend her skills beyond the workplace. She started her career in the consumer packaged goods industry as a brand manager, but later became more interested in online services and the B2B industry. Molly’s first touch point with AMADC was through the AMADC CMO Leadership Circle, and through her involvement with other professionals within the association, was then tapped to volunteer. More recently, Molly has offered her services to assist with the development and strategic planning of the AMADC Mentor Program: Marketers Helping Marketers.

Molly received her bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Finance from George Washington University, and her M.B.A. in International Marketing from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. She has worked for companies such as LexisNexis, The American Institute of Architects, Bloomberg BNA, and CEB before launching her own company: Business Transformations LLC. Through her company, Molly helps small and midsize companies utilize information software and data analytics to grow and transform their businesses. Despite her extensive career, Molly has a passion for reaching likeminded professionals that are outside of her daily universe. "I love AMADC's networking events—attending them gives me a chance to connect with people and to see how I can help them out."

Words of Wisdom:

“Volunteering with the AMADC offers me value in three ways: I get to meet people from different industries that I would not have met otherwise, and I am always learning something from the people that meet within the association. In addition to that, I get to hear fantastic speakers and enjoy learning and gaining insights into new ways to approach challenges. The education and development feeds my passion for mentoring and helping other professionals evolve their business approach.”