AMADC supports The Capitol Communicator/WB&A Market Research's Communications Industry Survey

With the support of AMADC, Capitol Communicator and WB&A Market Research are surveying the communications industry in the Washington, Baltimore, and Richmond markets. The data collected from this economic sentiment survey provides all of us with valuable information to make better informed decisions. This year’s survey also includes questions on our social media usage. Your participation is needed to obtain the clearest picture of the “state of the industry.”

Click here to take the "Communications Industry Survey".

The Communications Industry Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, and feel free to promote the link to your colleagues and friends within the industry. As an additional incentive for participation, Capitol Communicator will offer a drawing for free passes to a number of events throughout 2013. Thanks very much for participating.

Click here to take the "Communications Industry Survey".

Thank you for your support!