October Letter from AMADC Board President, Doug Reed

Doug Reed
Doug Reed
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The AMADC 80th Anniversary Gala – History and Prophesy
When you’ve been around for 80 years, it’s impossible to avoid looking back at the events that brought you to your present state and forward to the innovations that will drive your future success. As the AMADC 80th Anniversary Gala draws nearer, we’ve certainly gone through this exercise.

We’ve looked back at the series of events that led to AMADC’s creation, we’ve been somewhat puzzled by the fact that AMADC is actually five years older than the American Marketing Association (it’s a long story) and perhaps most importantly, we’ve come to the realization that AMADC has benefitted greatly over the years from a strong DC-based marketing community that continues to carry the chapter on its shoulders.

Looking to the future we are extremely fortunate to have Andy Stefanovich, Chief Curator and Provocateur of Prophet, as our keynote speaker/guide for the AMADC 80th Anniversary Gala. Frequently featured on CNBC as a nationally recognized innovation thought leader, Andy’s passion lies in guiding clients through the powerful evolution from inspiration to creativity to innovation and we can’t think of anyone better suited to take the stage at the Carnegie Institution of Science on October 25 and kick off an evening designed to honor DC’s Top Marketers.

Mindful of the serendipitous events that have delivered AMADC to this historic time, I’m thrilled to share it with the past, present and future members of DC’s marketing community.

I look forward to seeing you there.
Posted: October 6, 2015
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