Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my membership to a colleague?

No. AMA memberships are held by an individual and are non-transferable.

Can I transfer my AMA membership from one local chapter to another?

Yes. Contact AMA Customer Service at 1-800-262-1150 and tell them the chapter to which you are transferring.

Can I get a copy of the membership directory?

Yes. All members receive the membership directory when they join.

How do I change my badge or membership contact information?

Changes to your contact information (e.g. company, title, address, e-mail address, etc.) can be made in three ways.

  1. Log onto the AMA National website at to make changes online.
  2. Send an email noting your changes to, including your first and last name, as well as the local chapter to which you belong.
  3. Contact AMA customer service at 800.262.1150.
How can I learn about upcoming events?

Our primary mode of communication is through email. Sign up to receive emails about upcoming events by completing the "Join the AMADC Mailing List" portal on the right hand side of the page.

How much does a membership cost?

The first year of professional membership (the most common membership type) is $210 for national membership (inlcluding a one time application fee of $30), plus an additional $65 for DC chapter dues. For a full listing of fees and descriptions for AMA memberships, visit our Membership Types page

How do I join?

You may join online at Membership Registration or by calling AMA National at 800.AMA.1150.

Does AMA offer group memberships?

Yes! Information on group memberships can be found on the AMA National website at Group Memberships.

How the heck do I locate my member number?

The simplest way to locate your member number is to contact AMA Customer Service at 1-800-262-1150. If you provide them with your contact information, they can easily provide you with your member number over the phone.

Can I join only the local chapter?

No. You must be a member of the national organization in order to become a member of the local chapter.

Why am I not receiving emails?

To receive our emails put into your address book, so that is it in your “safe sender” list.  Many companies block html messages from coming through a firewall. 

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