AMADC Board of Directors

Brian Rutter's picture
Brian Rutter
Eileen Bramlet's picture
Eileen Bramlet
Andrew Brown's picture
Andrew Brown
VP Marketing & Communications
Philip Luca's picture
Philip Luca
VP Social Media
Karen Maria Alston's picture
Karen Maria Alston
VP Finance
Nathaniel Keller's picture
Nathaniel Keller
VP of Programming
Yvette McKechnie's picture
Yvette McKechnie
VP of Sponsorship
Wendy Roan's picture
Wendy Roan
VP of Membership
Linda Roth's picture
Linda Roth
VP Networking (Monthly Events)
Tamara Zein's picture
Tamara Zein
VP Volunteer Engagement
Doug Reed's picture
Doug Reed
Immediate Past President