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Are you interested in mentoring or being mentored? Are you a past mentor or protégé of the program?

Show me a successful individual and Ill show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I dont care what you do for a livingif you do it well Im sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.” 

Denzel Washington


The Mentor Program is a key programming initiative of the AMADC and aligns with the AMADC’s goal to “provide outstanding local education and career resources and programs, and is a gateway for connecting marketers throughout the region.” It is definitely filling a need: According to Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise in their 2017 book The 12 Powers of Marketing,Marketing is among the lowest spenders when it comes to training. Finance, HR, Operations and other functions are investing significantly more to up their peoples skills.  

This past year the program was revamped to not only continue offering professional development for marketers, but also to better engage participants and to increase networking opportunities. Activities are designed for both mentors and protégés in mind, fit with DC metro lifestyles and offer an “experience.” We also look for opportunities to leverage our powerhouse of marketing skills and experience to help each other and to give back to the community. The 2017-2018 session will include a community-mentor program collaboration.

Are you in interested in mentoring or being mentored? Are you a past mentor or protégé of the program? Join the AMADC Mentor Program on June 12 for an engaging evening with other like-minded marketers! Get a taste of mentoring with speed mentoring, have some fun designing appetizers or simply relax and chat. Non-members welcome. Come learn more about what we do!

To register for the June 12 event, click here. Watch the video clip below for a glimpse into the mentor program.

We look forward to seeing you on June 12!

Mentor Spotlight - Angela Hausman

Angela Hausman

This month’s Mentor Spotlight features Angela Hausman, Ph.D., university professor and owner of Hausman & Associates, LLC, and offers her perspective on mentoring, and why it matters.

Hi there! I’m Angela Hausman—you can call me Angie—and a mentor in the current AMADC Mentor Program. I own a consulting business, Hausman & Associates, LLC, and teach at the University of Maryland and George Washington University. I’m sort of a unicorn because I have both academic training—I taught full time for 18 years and hold a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of South Florida—and experience with businesses, including serving as CMO for a tech startup that launched in 2014. When that business encountered cash flow problems late last year, I returned to teaching. Both my research and management experience focus on data-driven marketing decision-making, especially within digital markets.

This is my second time serving as a mentor in AMADC’s mentor program, although you could argue that my entire career has involved mentoring students. I truly enjoy watching protégés master new skills and apply those skills to push their career in the direction they’ve chosen. I still see my former protégé from time to time and find our relationship very rewarding. I think spending almost a year working with a protégé allows time to both build a personal relationship and to help the protégé apply new skills along their career path.

I strongly recommend the AMADC mentoring program to both aspiring protégés and prospecting mentors. It does take time, but I think you’ll find the time very well spent.

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Program Leadership

For more information about the program, contact Angela Long, VP Mentor Program, at


The Mentor Program is sponsored by General Assembly, a pioneer in education and career transformation. “General Assembly is thrilled to support AMADC's mentor program and contribute to a growing community of marketing professionals in the DC area,” says Paul Gleger,  Senior Regional Director, East Coast. Since launching the DC campus in 2013, General Assembly has provided practical, skills-based learning opportunities for over 35,000 professionals in the DC area, ranging from events, workshops, part-time courses, and full-time programs. “As the marketers toolkit continues to evolve, we hope to be there as a resource for AMADC members throughout their careers, whether leveling up on the latest skills in Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, User Experience Design, or Web Development.  In line with GA's mission to empower people to pursue the work they love, we're excited to be part of the AMADC mentor program, that's focused on building relationships that foster sharing, learning, and career growth.”

General Assembly

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