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Upcoming Events
26 Jan
We have marketing experts among us! The mentors participating in our program have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective areas of marketing.
31 Jan
Don’t miss your chance to learn what DC consumers are really thinking at January's How-To, sponsored by Georgetown University's Center for Continuing and Professional Education
31 Jan
Join Social Driver’s Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer to discover how to create the connection between companies and people through the ever changing fields of digital media.
Latest News
On Nov. 16, we learned too many causes can spoil the broth. But, with the help of Gigawatt Group, we also walked away with the perfect recipe and made a tangible difference with Stop Hunger Now (making 1,000 Food Kits in 30 minutes!). During the How-To (“Position Your Brand as a CSR Champion”), sponsored by Unleashed Technologies and Georgetown University’s CCPE, we discussed the importance of…
Co-founder of Orate
As the end of the year quickly approaches, December is filled with a flurry of activity and extra pressure to accomplish the never-ending to-do lists before the New Year begins. One of the things that helps keep me and my family grounded during this time of the year is giving back and helping others.
November is a time for Thanksgiving, it is a time for celebrating friends and family, it is a time for remembering all that we have. At AMADC, we are thankful for our members, our sponsors, and our volunteers. We are thankful for opportunity to provide meaningful content and programming that is designed to help each of you move along your professional journey.
Recent Blog Posts
In 1982, William Grant “Bill” Moggridge, a British designer, created the clamshell format. This design paved the way for portable devices such as laptops and eventually flip phones. Soon, the power of mobile devices transformed into a conduit of…
Live streaming has proven to be effective and is here to stay. Previous projections and concepts that were presented over a year ago are now flourishing into effective channels for marketers. The initial analysis focused on downloadable apps;…
Strolling through the grocery store nowadays, you’ll experience a never-ending proliferation of pumpkin-themed products ranging from cookies to dish soap and SOLO cups. And as quickly as the market for pumpkin fanatics arrives at the close of Labor…
Five years ago, I moved halfway across the country to start a new job. In doing so, I left a city where I had an established network of peers and mentors and a calendar full of networking and professional development events. Suddenly, I found myself…
Native advertisements. They were once a taboo subject for publishers. Critics charge that native ads often use deceptive practices - ones that blur the lines between ads and editorials. Native ads aren’t something new, they have been around long…
National AMA News
Believing in bogus platitudes, falling into cognitive bias, clustering into cliques and four other things that could stop your marketing career in its tracks 
Today the American Marketing Association (AMA) unveiled our new brand identity and logo that reflects both the transformation of the organization and its vision for the future. 
Sara Capra
Member Spotlight
Sometimes in life, you have to take a leap of faith.  This is what Sara Capra, Co-founder of Orate did, in order to make the career transition from marketing into entrepreneurship.  As a former Senior Associate of Global Partnerships for the United Nations Foundation, Capra began to look for ways to enhance her marketing skills, as she felt that she needed more qualifications to further flourish within her field.  “Due to the many advancements that are constantly occurring in marketing, I wanted to ensu

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