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Upcoming Events
01 Jun
As marketing professionals, we have accumulated knowledge in a variety of sectors. With the help of a structured group and the data points AMADC will provide, this series will culminate with a finished op/ed piece that can individual group can pitch…
07 Jun
Join AMADC at FUSION Conference - The Digital Economy Gathering
12 Jun
Are you interested in mentoring? Are you a past mentor or protege of the program? Not a member of AMADC? Join the AMADC Mentor Program for an engaging evening with other like-minded marketers!
20 Jun
You’re invited to the ultimate networking event of the summer!
10 Jul
Working for good has never felt so great.
Latest News
According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, nearly 63 million Americans volunteered in the last year, contributing 8 billion hours of volunteer time. Last week was national volunteer appreciation week, an important time to think about the people dedicated to making a difference in the communities we live in, in so many ways. At AMADC, a week just doesn’t do justice to the…
At AMADC, our primary focus is our members. Everything we do is strategically planned based on the needs of (and ongoing feedback from) our members. I hope that you’ve already had the chance to get engaged this year. And if you haven’t, that you take the opportunity to attend one of our upcoming events and get involved!
The 2016-2017 session of the AMADC Mentor Program is going strong!
Recent Blog Posts
As mentioned in part 1, the buyer’s journey to purchase is an omni-channel process. The campaigns that will perform the best in 2017 will go beyond web platforms.
The embrace of digital retail is certifiable within the District of Columbia.
The beginning of a new year is a phenomenal time, and yet stressful period as well. For many, the New Year brings new resolutions often basked and scented with optimism. With only one month in, a change agent boisterously sways into 2017,and today’s…
In 1982, William Grant “Bill” Moggridge, a British designer, created the clamshell format. This design paved the way for portable devices such as laptops and eventually flip phones. Soon, the power of mobile devices transformed into a conduit of…
Live streaming has proven to be effective and is here to stay. Previous projections and concepts that were presented over a year ago are now flourishing into effective channels for marketers. The initial analysis focused on downloadable apps;…
National AMA News
Believing in bogus platitudes, falling into cognitive bias, clustering into cliques and four other things that could stop your marketing career in its tracks 
Today the American Marketing Association (AMA) unveiled our new brand identity and logo that reflects both the transformation of the organization and its vision for the future. 
Andreea Candela
Member Spotlight
Senior Specialist Communications & Marketing
American College of Cardiology
You’re moving to a new city and you need to build your professional network within the area, but you’re not sure how to do it? Andreea Candela, Senior Specialist, Communications & Marketing at the American College of Cardiology, has faced this challenge many times. Andreea’s marketing career began in Europe before leading her to New York, Boston and Washington D.C., which eventually led to her decision to join and volunteer with AMADC.

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