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Upcoming Events
28 Mar
Challenged by networking? Want to improve your approach? Most of us go to network-ing events, but fail to leverage them with natural and easy conversations that continu-ally expand our business networks in ways that help us achieve our goals.
11 Apr
Network Peruvian style at Dupont Circle’s Nazca Mochica
21 Apr
Intelligence and Insights on the Future of Communications; co-produced by Capitol Communicator and Potomac Tech Wire
Recent Blog Posts
The embrace of digital retail is certifiable within the District of Columbia.
The beginning of a new year is a phenomenal time, and yet stressful period as well. For many, the New Year brings new resolutions often basked and scented with optimism. With only one month in, a change agent boisterously sways into 2017,and today’s…
In 1982, William Grant “Bill” Moggridge, a British designer, created the clamshell format. This design paved the way for portable devices such as laptops and eventually flip phones. Soon, the power of mobile devices transformed into a conduit of…
Live streaming has proven to be effective and is here to stay. Previous projections and concepts that were presented over a year ago are now flourishing into effective channels for marketers. The initial analysis focused on downloadable apps;…
Strolling through the grocery store nowadays, you’ll experience a never-ending proliferation of pumpkin-themed products ranging from cookies to dish soap and SOLO cups. And as quickly as the market for pumpkin fanatics arrives at the close of Labor…
National AMA News
Believing in bogus platitudes, falling into cognitive bias, clustering into cliques and four other things that could stop your marketing career in its tracks 
Today the American Marketing Association (AMA) unveiled our new brand identity and logo that reflects both the transformation of the organization and its vision for the future. 
Sara Capra
Member Spotlight
Sometimes in life, you have to take a leap of faith.  This is what Sara Capra, Co-founder of Orate did, in order to make the career transition from marketing into entrepreneurship.  As a former Senior Associate of Global Partnerships for the United Nations Foundation, Capra began to look for ways to enhance her marketing skills, as she felt that she needed more qualifications to further flourish within her field.  “Due to the many advancements that are constantly occurring in marketing, I wanted to ensu

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