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Upcoming Events
03 Aug
Marketers today have the benefit of seemingly infinite data to help them do their job, but with great power comes great responsibility. Your analytic and marketing tools should be working for you — not the other way around. The final workshop in our…
25 Aug
Marketers can sell absolutely anything, but when it comes to selling ourselves- it’s a very different story.
Latest News
The old AMADC brand wasn’t as engaging as it could have been, according to the team behind the recent rebrand, which was unveiled in February.
The aromas of fine chocolate and craft whiskey were in the air as AMADC celebrated the start of summer with the ultimate networking party on the rooftop of Jack Rose Dining Saloon on June 14.  The event brought together more than 100 top marketers from around the region to enjoy great food, drinks and camaraderie and offered everyone the unique chance to sample small batch whiskies from three l
On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to the AMADC 2016–2017 fiscal year! I am thrilled to have the privilege of serving as President of the DC experience of the American Marketing Association. 
Hot _____!  Fill in the blank, but that about sums up our 2015–2016 fiscal year. When I think about the things I’m most proud of in my career, one big-ticket item that stands out is that I’ve had the privilege to serve a second tour as president of our chapter and in doing so, work with a terrific group of volunteers to help get us on a solid trajectory for success.
Recent Blog Posts
Every brand has a desire to be unique, whether through experience, innovation, or a specific service. In fact, last year organizations spent over $500 billion across the globe marketing their unique offerings.
Email Campaigns are a vital component to mobile strategy. Marketers recognize this channel as a tool to deliver personalized messaging while also mapping the customer journey.
Did you know that LinkedIn currently has more than 4 million businesses on its platform? That’s right – 4 million! More and more businesses are quickly gravitating to this professional networking platform. Why?
Bruce Tait is an award-winning brand strategist that will be headlining an AMADC How-To session on September 29th. His innovative techniques strengthened and aligned major international brands as industry leaders.
Market research that relies on big data often focuses on consumer behavior. Data scientists look for patterns that explain how and when consumers take action. The problem, says Walter Blotkamp, is that not all patterns are meaningful.
National AMA News
Believing in bogus platitudes, falling into cognitive bias, clustering into cliques and four other things that could stop your marketing career in its tracks 
Today the American Marketing Association (AMA) unveiled our new brand identity and logo that reflects both the transformation of the organization and its vision for the future. 
Portrait of English Edwards
Member Spotlight
Communications and Marketing Manager
English Edwards, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, understands the benefits that a membership with AMADC can bring. After relocating from Dallas, Texas to the Washington metropolitan area, Edwards was looking to tap into the local network of marketing professionals and sharpen her skills at the same time. “I was looking for an association that has a wealth of networking events that are solely dedicated to marketing professionals in the D.C.

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